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I am Visual thoughts
inspired by the chakras 2011
The concept of Mind Tap Creative comes from  a dream I had.  I found a device  that allowed me to tap into my thoughts and manifest vision in the palm of my hand. These sketches are a collage of my mind, capturing the flow of my visual and verbal thoughts. 
the mind tap manifests a tornado 2010 - Sketchbook Project
everything must sparkle, but it must retain meaning 2010 - Sketchbook Project
Mandala 2011
Face plant 2012
Conte Crayon Abstractions 2004
Queen Mab 2011 - I love woman warriors
Pen & Ink Self Portrait 2005
Non-traditional paper shapes 2004
energy frequencies and patterns 2007
Set of 32 Drawings completed in 2005
The Inspiration was shadows
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