Soup to Nuts is a fun one-hour rave for those 9-5'ers! This branding project was cooked up on an express deadline, but I think it really carries the sense of fun and a taste of the psychedelic, while still being very crisp and elegant.

Lunch Beat Logo Design
For Print and Web 

This project had about a two week Turn-around, with the basic B+W logo-type constructed in InDesign, modified in  Illustrator,  than finished up in Photoshop. This Branding project  was cooked up from scratch! *YUM
This was the final Print Template for the full color poster
                        Web Graphic: Profile Thumbnail
                                Facebook TImeline Art
Basic B+W "Lunch Beat" Logo - Typically used as a transparency placed on basic word files
                                                                  Reverse B+W 
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